Seattle’s $5 Fee Fiasco: Good Intentions Hurt Delivery Workers & Customers

If you’re tired of seeing the disastrous consequences of government interference, buckle up because this story out of Seattle is a prime example of how well-intentioned legislation can go horribly wrong. The brilliant minds in Seattle’s government thought it would be a grand idea to force consumers to pay delivery workers an extra $5 for each order placed through apps like Uber Eats and Doordash. Their rationale? To give these workers an extra boost in income. Well, surprise, surprise, it’s blowing up in their faces.

As it turns out, fewer people are opting to use these delivery apps now that they’re faced with an added fee. And guess who’s paying the price? The very workers this legislation was supposed to help. Delivery drivers are reporting a significant decline in earnings because of the lack of work being generated. Way to go, Seattle!

Just talk to Gary Lardizabal, an experienced app-based food delivery driver in Seattle, who says the demand for orders has plummeted since the ordinance came into effect. Sunday mornings used to be bustling with breakfast orders, but now, he’s left twiddling his thumbs. “They’re not going to order. It is definitely backfiring,” laments Lardizabal.

Mia Shagen, another delivery driver, is feeling the sting too. Her delivery opportunities have been slashed since the $5 fee became a reality. Who can blame her for not wanting to wait around for hours to get a single order? The tips are even taking a hit because customers falsely believe these workers are raking in the dough. One driver used to make $931 per week, but after the law kicked in, their earnings were slashed by more than half.

It’s truly baffling how government officials can come to the conclusion that they know how much money delivery drivers should be making. Last time we checked, they aren’t experts in the gig economy. Instead of meddling where they don’t belong, they should focus on creating an environment where businesses can thrive and workers can find better-paying opportunities through competition, rather than stifling innovation with burdensome regulations.

And let’s not forget the customers who are getting the short end of the stick. Delivery apps are already expensive, what with the delivery charges and inflated prices. Tacking on an additional $5 fee only serves to punish both the companies and the hardworking drivers who rely on them. It’s nothing more than a ploy by government officials to look productive while squeezing even more money out of their constituents.

It’s painfully obvious that if you impose more fees on a service, people will think twice before using it. It’s common sense 101, folks. And to do this during a time of rampant inflation? It’s like Seattle’s officials aren’t even trying to hide their incompetence anymore.

One can only hope that Seattle residents wake up and hold these officials accountable, but let’s be honest, local politics often fly under the radar. So, brace yourselves for more questionable decisions from these meddling bureaucrats, because they just can’t resist the temptation to dip their hands into everything.

Written by Staff Reports

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