Secret Puppeteer: Obama Ghost Directing Biden Policies?

Townhall, a leading conservative news publication, is shining a light on the Biden administration’s close ties to former President Barack Obama. Not only has Biden been following in Obama’s footsteps with his policy agenda, but it turns out that Obama has been quietly advising the White House on important matters, including artificial intelligence (AI).

According to a report from NBC News, Obama has been engaging behind the scenes with tech companies and holding Zoom meetings with top Biden aides to shape the administration’s strategy on AI. It’s like having a third term for Obama without the accountability of being an elected official.

This revelation raises important questions about what other policies Obama has been secretly working on over the past few years. If Biden is turning to Obama for advice on AI, it’s clear that Obama’s influence goes beyond just a casual chat. His input has led to concrete actions, such as Biden signing an executive order on AI development.

While it’s not surprising to see Biden seeking guidance from his former boss, it is concerning that Obama is exerting so much influence over the current administration’s policies. This kind of behind-the-scenes power play undermines the democratic process and raises concerns about who is really running the show.

It’s also worth noting that Obama’s focus on AI raises important issues surrounding national security, information integrity, bias, and discrimination. While these are valid concerns, it’s important to approach these issues with a balanced and nuanced perspective. Obama’s approach of urging industry leaders to be responsible and accountable is commendable, but it’s crucial not to stifle innovation and technological progress in the process.

Overall, the close relationship between Biden and Obama is a clear indication that the Biden administration is essentially a continuation of the Obama era. This raises concerns about the lack of fresh ideas and the potential for policies that have already been proven ineffective. It’s time for Biden to step out of Obama’s shadow and chart his own course for the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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