Hillary Professors at Columbia, Students Walk Out in Protest!

In a surprising turn of events, former first lady and two-time failure at running for president, Hillary Clinton, has landed a gig as a professor at Columbia University. Yes, you heard it right, folks. The woman who couldn’t even beat Donald Trump is now trying to educate the next generation. Brace yourselves.

But it seems like not everyone is thrilled about Clinton’s newfound role in academia. Reports have emerged that students staged a walkout from one of her classes. Can you blame them? Who wants to waste their time listening to someone who can’t even win an election? It’s like taking basketball lessons from the guy who always gets picked last.

Thirty students had the audacity to walk out of Clinton’s class at Columbia University to “shame” the school. Apparently, these students were upset about the way the school handled some students who were outed for their anti-Israel views. Can you imagine being upset about exposing anti-Semitism? It’s like being upset about sunshine on a rainy day.

These brave students stood up in the middle of a lecture, causing quite a scene. They demanded legal support for the affected students and a commitment to their safety. Well, isn’t that cute? They want a safe space for their misguided beliefs. Maybe they should try attending a class on common sense instead.

These students who were “publicly shamed” had signed a statement blaming Israel for all the troubles in the Middle East. They accused the Israeli government of being extremists and claimed that the responsibility for the war lies solely on their shoulders. It’s ironic how these students can blame Israel for everything, yet can’t seem to take responsibility for their own lack of critical thinking skills.

In response to the outrage, the university announced a new task force on “doxxing and safety.” Seriously? We’re supposed to believe that these students who signed a statement defending terrorists and spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric are the victims? Give me a break. It’s just another example of how universities are coddling liberal students and suppressing conservative voices.

It’s clear that Columbia University has a problem on its hands. Instead of allowing freedom of thought and diverse opinions, they’re allowing radical anti-Israel sentiment to run rampant. These professors who defend students supporting Hamas’ attacks on Israel should be ashamed of themselves. They are betraying their duty to educate and indoctrinating instead.

In the end, Hillary Clinton’s foray into academia is just another example of the left’s attempt to infiltrate our institutions and spread their twisted ideology. We need to stand up against this nonsense and demand true intellectual diversity on our campuses. Let’s make education great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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