Sen. Rick Scott Accuses Biden of Aligning with Pro-Hamas Democrats

Sen. Rick Scott, a Republican from Florida, criticized President Joe Biden for appearing to support the “pro-Hamas” part of his Democratic Party. Senator Scott took issue with Biden’s response to the war in Gaza, claiming that the President’s actions are causing his leadership to fail.

Scott’s criticism came after Biden suggested that the United States would not provide Israel with bombs and artillery shells if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to invade Rafah, Gaza. Scott argued that Israel must take action to eradicate the Hamas terrorist group in order to bring peace to the nation.

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Scott claimed that Biden is aligning with the pro-Hamas faction of his party to secure his chances in the next presidential election. He commended former President Trump for being a strong supporter of Israel and expressed hope for Trump’s victory in the next election.

In addition to his comments on the Gaza conflict, Senator Scott pointed to Biden’s track record on border security and the rise in inflation as further proof of the President’s failures. He compared Biden’s performance unfavorably to that of former President Trump.

Former President Trump, the expected Republican nominee for the upcoming presidential election, criticized Biden’s alleged acceptance of donations from backers of anti-Israel campus protests at a recent rally in New Jersey.

In response to Biden’s decision to withhold weapons from Israel, Representative Cory Mills, also a Republican from Florida, has taken steps to file articles of impeachment against the President. Mills drew a comparison between Biden’s actions and the impeachment of former President Trump during his time in office.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken defended Biden’s decision, stating that the U.S. is in active discussions with Israel about the potential use of heavy weapons in the Gaza region.

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