Sen. Vance’s Bill Makes English the Official Language of the U.S.

Senator J.D. Vance from Ohio has proposed a new bill known as the English Language Unity Act. The legislation aims to establish English as the official language of the United States through federal law and mandates that all official government communication must be in English. This initiative preserves the country's history while also promoting inclusivity and unity by enhancing communication for all citizens.

The Daily Caller has exclusively obtained the legislation, which mandates that official government operations must be carried out in English, and it also mandates that government officials should promote and strengthen the role of English within the government. This initiative also motivates individuals to learn the language, which can ultimately improve their educational and professional prospects. Additionally, the legislation modifies the naturalization requirements by introducing a universal language proficiency standard based on comprehension of the founding documents and mandating that all naturalization ceremonies be conducted in English.

According to Senator Vance, English has been a fundamental element of American culture for more than two and a half centuries, and the vast majority of Americans endorse this sensible proposition. He underscores that this bill seeks to recognize the reality that English is the language of the United States and formalize it into law, which should have been done a long time ago.

Senator Kevin Cramer, a Republican from North Dakota, has joined as a cosponsor of the bill, demonstrating his support. The legislation is vital because English is already the official language of 31 states and all of the United States' territories. Therefore, it is necessary to codify this into federal law and ensure that all Americans have a grasp of the founding documents, history, and culture, which are best conveyed and understood through the English language.

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