Ex-Starbucks CEO Slams Democrats’ Attack On Billionaires

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was grilled by Democratic senators Ed Markey and Tina Smith, who accused him of not being aware of workers’ protections and rights. While responding to the questions, Schultz slammed the Democrats for their attempt to scrutinize billionaires and their impact on society. He argued that unions cannot solve every problem faced by workers. Markey, in response, condescended and said, “You just fundamentally just don’t understand. These workers are just like your father and they have no rights.”

Schultz, however, retaliated with a response that showed his patriotism, “You don’t understand. My father was a World World II veteran, fought for this country…You don’t understand.” Schultz attributed his success to his upbringing of hard work and determination. He also emphasized that the wealth he has earned is the proof of the American Dream.

The former CEO elaborated that he grew up in federally subsidized housing, and his parents never owned a home. Schultz worked his way to success, and no one gave him his wealth. He shared his success with the people of Starbucks, and the company offered a range of benefits to its employees, including healthcare, tuition reimbursement, and stock options. Starbucks also provided opportunities for career growth and advancement.

Schultz’s encounter was part of a broader effort to scrutinize billionaires and their impact on society. However, the former CEO defended his success and the values that earned him the wealth he now has. This rich heritage of hard work and determination is what Schultz plans to carry forward in his philanthropic undertakings and political activism.

Written by Staff Reports

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