Senator Cruz Grills State Dept Official on Biden’s Middle East Policies

Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf faced tough questioning from Senator Ted Cruz, as she admitted that the Biden administration does not believe Israel can destroy Hamas through military action alone. Senator Cruz highlighted the significant sanctions relief granted to Iran under President Biden’s watch, leading to increased regional instability. Leaf described the recent events in the Middle East as unexpected “black swan events” rather than a consequence of administration policies.

When pressed by Senator Cruz on the administration’s support for Israel in dismantling Hamas, Leaf affirmed the goal but emphasized that military means alone would not suffice. This admission raised eyebrows as Cruz pointed out the contradiction in the administration’s backing of a ceasefire deal while claiming to support Israel’s objective. Leaf’s statement that military action alone cannot defeat Hamas drew further skepticism from the senator.

Additionally, Cruz challenged the administration’s push for a Palestinian state, suggesting it could serve as a reward for Hamas. Leaf refuted this claim, noting that Hamas’s opposition to a two-state solution would prevent them from benefiting from any negotiations for a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Despite these explanations, questions remain regarding the administration’s broader strategy in the Middle East and its approach to addressing regional conflicts.

As the Biden administration’s stance on Israel, Hamas, and the wider Middle East continues to be scrutinized, it remains to be seen how their policies and actions will unfold in the complex geopolitical landscape of the region.

Written by Staff Reports

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