Shocking AOC Response: Backs Hamas, Points Finger at Israel Instead!

AOC’s response to the Israeli-Hamas war is just unreal, folks. We all know that the Squad has some twisted reactions when it comes to this issue, but AOC takes the cake. She claims that Israel has a “right to self-defense” but then argues against it. I mean, seriously? Even the CNN host couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

And it gets worse. AOC thinks we should accept refugees from Gaza. No, thank you. We are not obligated to accept people who hate us and whose government is a terrorist organization. And let’s not forget that this terrorist organization just killed over 1,400 people. But hey, let’s bring them in with open arms, right?

But wait, there’s more. AOC recently did an interview with MSNBC’s Medhi Hassan where she doubled down on her ridiculous position. When asked if she would accept a ceasefire that left Hamas in place, she didn’t even care about the terrorists who killed Israelis and Americans. She just wanted a “pause.” Are you kidding me? So, we’re supposed to sit back and not respond when we’re attacked because it might impact civilians? That’s nonsensical.

Instead of holding Hamas accountable for their atrocities, AOC decided to attack Israel for their actions. She called their response “indiscriminate” and spoke about the “asymmetry” of it all. Sorry, but indiscriminate is when you target and kill innocent children. And asymmetry is when you expect one side to just take the attacks without responding. It’s insane.

This kind of foreign policy is dangerous. It’s supporting terrorism and will only result in more innocent lives being lost. We need to vote out these Democrats who are terrible at foreign policy and only make these situations worse. It’s time for a change, folks.

Written by Staff Reports

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