Trump Tosses Powell Under Bus: Distances from Disbarred Lawyer’s Legal Drama

Former President Donald Trump declares that disbarred lawyer Sidney Powell never officially represented him, distancing himself from her guilty plea in Fani Willis’ 2020 election case. Taking to Truth Social, Trump asserts that Powell’s admission has no bearing on him, maintaining his innocence against the charges brought by District Attorney Fani Willis.

Trump adamantly denies allegations that he orchestrated a scheme to pressure state officials into accepting an alternate slate of electors for Georgia. Despite the “Fake News reports,” Trump clarifies that Powell was never his attorney and supports her claim that the 2020 election was stolen by President Joe Biden.

Willis accused Powell, along with others, of conspiring to tamper with Georgia’s voting machines to alter the election results. However, Trump asserts that Powell’s belief, shared by millions of Americans, that the election was rigged is accurate. According to him, the country is being “absolutely destroyed” due to this fraudulent election.

As part of an agreement with prosecutors, Powell, who is 68 years old, will testify against President Trump and other defendants if their cases proceed to trial. This agreement mirrors that of former Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro. Both Powell and Chesebro will avoid prison time and instead serve community service while also writing public apology letters.

The state-level prosecution of President Trump is placing a strain on the court system due to the magnitude of the case. District Attorney Willis’ attempt to prosecute all defendants simultaneously has been rejected, while President Trump garners support from his followers at the streets and sheriff’s office, fueling a strong backlash against the charges he faces.

Willis has faced criticism both locally and nationally for the alleged deplorable conditions of the defendants in jail, as well as accusations of using her position to boost her reelection campaign before Trump’s charges. The Georgia Legislature is contemplating launching an impeachment proceeding against her, and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan plans to investigate her possible coordination with Jack Smith, a special counsel from the Biden Justice Department, using taxpayer funds.

President Trump, in support of his co-defendants, has held enormous fundraisers to gather resources for his ongoing legal battle. The conservative base rallies behind him, voicing their disagreement with the prosecution and raising concerns about the integrity of the electoral process.

Written by Staff Reports

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