Shocking! AZ GOP Chair Bribes Senate Candidate to Quit Politics: Who’s Behind It?

In a shocking revelation, the chair of the Arizona Republican Party, Jeff DeWit, has been caught on tape allegedly trying to bribe Kari Lake, a former gubernatorial candidate and current U.S. Senate candidate, to take a break from politics. According to the bombshell report from the Daily Mail, DeWit can be heard on the audio recording attempting to convince Lake to accept money in exchange for staying out of politics for two years. He even goes as far as to mention that “very powerful people” want to keep her out of the political arena.

If these allegations are true, it begs the question: who are these “very powerful people” trying to manipulate the election process? Could it be that they don’t want Lake to run for Senate because it would threaten the influence of former President Donald Trump? It seems they would rather put up a candidate they believe would be more favorable to their interests. This is a clear attempt to undermine the will of the people and dictate who they can choose from in each election season.

What’s even more concerning is the fear expressed by both DeWit and Lake during the conversation. Lake mentions that she has been threatened and believes that someone may try to have her murdered. And when she suggests going public with the bribery attempt, DeWit responds with a chilling remark about his car exploding. It’s clear that there may be deep-rooted corruption and intimidation tactics at play.

During her CPAC 2023 speech, Lake spoke out about the incident, exposing this disgusting side of politics. She revealed that someone was sent to her door at the request of powerful individuals from back east who wanted her out of politics. This speaks volumes about the lengths some are willing to go to control the political landscape and silence voices they deem as threats.

It’s high time for some accountability. If these “very powerful people” truly believed they could sway the election in their favor, why not run a candidate against Lake in the primaries and let the voters decide? Instead, they resorted to behind-the-scenes deals and illicit pressure. This is an affront to democracy and an insult to every Republican voter. We can’t allow a small group of elites to dictate our choices and manipulate the system.

Once again, the establishment has shown its disregard for the voices of the people. This audio recording should serve as a wake-up call for every conservative voter. We must demand transparency, integrity, and accountability from those who claim to represent us. Let us not forget that it’s our votes that matter, not the whims of the powerful few.

Written by Staff Reports

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