Shocking Poll: Dems Choose Hamas Over GOP!

In a new poll conducted by Issues and Insights and Techno Metrica Institute of Policy and Politics, it was revealed that a surprising one in five Democrats actually side with Hamas amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. The survey of 1,400 adults found that 20% of Democrats showed support for Hamas, while 54% of the party members sided with Israel. The remaining 26% claimed to be unsure about which side to support.

While the numbers for Democrats are concerning, it is worth noting that the percentage of Republicans supporting Hamas was significantly lower. Only 7% of Republicans surveyed said they sided with Hamas, with a vast majority of 71% expressing their support for Israel. The remaining 22% of Republicans claimed to be unsure about the conflict. Independents showed slightly higher support for Hamas at 6%, while 50% sided with Israel and 44% remained unsure.

The overall results of the poll showed that a majority of Americans, 58% to be exact, expressed their support for Israel. On the other hand, 11% of Americans sided with Hamas and 31% claimed to be unsure about which party to support. One interesting observation from the poll was that the younger generation, aged 18 to 24, showed a higher inclination towards Hamas or remaining undecided. Out of this age group, 30% expressed support for Israel, 17% sided with Hamas, and 53% were unsure.

In contrast, the older generation, aged 65 and older, overwhelmingly supported Israel with 84% showing their allegiance to the country. Only 2% of this age group expressed support for Hamas, while 14% remained unsure.

Interestingly, the poll also highlighted concerns over an increase in antisemitic behavior in the country during the Israel-Hamas conflict. The survey found that 74% of the respondents considered antisemitism and anti-Jewish prejudice to be a serious problem. Democrats, at 82%, were more likely to label this behavior as serious compared to Republicans, at 76%. Independents showed slightly lower concern with 66% considering it a serious issue.

Overall, the poll provides insight into the divided opinions of Americans regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, with Democrats being more divided in their support for Hamas than Republicans. The survey was conducted online and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points.

Written by Staff Reports

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