Biden’s Minority Voter Crisis: Polls Reveal Shocking Support Shift to GOP

Two new polls released over the weekend have dealt a devastating blow to President Joe Biden’s aspirations for a successful 2024 campaign. The polls, conducted by The New York Times/Siena College and CBS News, paint a bleak picture for Biden as he witnesses a significant erosion of support among Black and Hispanic voters. It’s a stunning reversal from 2020 when Biden successfully won all six swing states measured by the NYT.

The ongoing collapse of Biden’s support among minority voters has been a topic of interest for conservative publications like Trending Politics for quite some time. Despite the establishment media expressing surprise, this loss of support has been steadily reported, and even CNN host Phil Mattingly couldn’t hide his shock when a Black voter explained the reason behind their waning enthusiasm.

According to CBS News, financial concerns may be a key factor causing Biden’s decline in popularity within the Black and Hispanic communities. These voters doubt that they would see any improvement in their finances if Biden were to win a second term. Surprisingly, Hispanic voters believe that their financial situation would fare better under former President Donald Trump. Furthermore, many Black voters don’t expect any significant change in their finances if Biden were to be reelected.

The New York Times also noted a “gradual racial realignment” happening between Democrats and the GOP. In swing states with higher levels of diversity, Biden’s support dwindles, and he only leads in states with predominantly white populations. The Times highlighted that Trump’s support among Black voters in these swing states reached an unprecedented 22%—a level not seen before for a Republican candidate.

One voter, Spencer Weiss of Pennsylvania, voiced his concerns, stating, “The world is falling apart under Biden. I would much rather see somebody that I feel can be a positive role-model leader for the country. But at least I think Trump has his wits about him.” Weiss’s sentiment is representative of a growing sentiment among disillusioned Biden supporters.

Biden’s lead over Trump among Hispanic voters has now been reduced to single digits. Trump holds a convincing 10-point lead in Nevada, six points in Georgia, four points in Pennsylvania, and five points in both Arizona and Michigan.

The central theme that emerged in these polls suggests that voters were primarily concerned about their personal finances and the overall state of the economy. They expressed greater confidence in Trump’s ability to lead in these areas, viewing their financial situation as more likely to improve under his leadership. Additionally, Biden’s age became a significant concern, with a resounding 71% of voters deeming him “too old” to effectively serve as president—a sentiment shared across all demographic and geographic groups in the poll, including a surprising 54% among Biden’s own supporters.

Based on the Times/Siena poll, if the 2024 Election were to be held today, Trump would secure a resounding victory with over 300 Electoral College votes. These findings echo the widespread disappointment among voters who now see Biden’s leadership as lacking both the mental sharpness and policies needed to address their concerns.

In conclusion, President Biden’s support is unraveling. Minority voters, who were once considered a stronghold for Democrats, are gradually shifting their allegiance to the GOP. Concerns about their personal finances, the economy, Biden’s age, and his perceived lack of mental sharpness have eroded the faith that voters once had in his leadership. These poll results should serve as a wake-up call for the Biden administration, as their chances of winning again in 2024 seem increasingly slim if they cannot address these critical issues.

Written by Staff Reports

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