Shocking! Presidential Hopeful RFK Jr.’s Secret Service Protection Denied

Robert F Kennedy Jr (RFK) recently revealed that he has been denied Secret Service protection, which is usually provided to all major presidential candidates. This news is particularly surprising considering that his father was tragically assassinated during his campaign. RFK Jr stated that he had made numerous requests to the Department of Homeland Security-led panel, but Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas informed him that protection was not warranted at this time. Kennedy expressed his frustration on Twitter, noting that the typical turnaround time for such requests is 14 days, but he had received no response after 88 days. The Biden Administration ultimately denied his request, even though his campaign had provided a detailed 67-page report on the security and safety risks he faces.

As a conservative Republican, the author believes that it is outrageous for RFK Jr to be denied Secret Service protection. Since the assassination of his father in 1968, all presidential candidates have been provided with this resource. The author adds their own editorial opinion, questioning why RFK Jr is not receiving the same level of protection. They highlight the fact that the Secret Service has no role in determining major candidates, yet Secretary Mayorkas made the decision to deny protection. The author believes that RFK Jr’s family history of being targeted with political violence should be a clear indication of the need for protection.

The author also includes reactions from others who were shocked by the news, including conservative host Dan Bongino. These responses further support the author’s belief that RFK Jr should be granted Secret Service protection. The article concludes by referencing a separate article that discusses RFK Jr’s concerns about his own safety and precautions he takes to prevent harm. This additional information adds to the author’s argument that RFK Jr deserves Secret Service protection as a presidential candidate.

Written by Staff Reports

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