SHOCKING: Senator Feinstein Forgets She Was Absent from Senate Due to Severe Illness

Senator Dianne Feinstein, a democrat from the deep-blue state of California, has recently returned to Capitol Hill after a two-month hiatus. The Senator had been holed up in her hospital room and recuperating at home due to a severe bout of shingles. However, in a stunning development, reports have emerged that Senator Feinstein seems to have forgotten that she was away from Senate business during her recovery period.

Despite her recent absence from the Senate, Senator Feinstein, who is known for her progressive views, continued to cast her votes in committee and on the Senate floor. However, it seems that the senator herself has no recollection of missing any important votes in the Senate. A recent encounter with other journalists, recorded in a Slate report, revealed her shocking response to a question about her prolonged absence.

The senator, who was sitting on a wheelchair and flanked by staff, seemed evasive when asked about why she had been absent for so long. According to the report, Senator Feinstein tried to deflect the question by saying that she had a leg problem, but when pressed further about her absence, she became defensive and claimed that she had not been gone from the Senate and had been working all along. It’s quite concerning that a sitting senator is not aware of her own absence from Senate business and seems to be operating in a fog of confusion.

As Feinstein returns to the Senate and casts her votes, her cognitive abilities remain a matter of concern. After all, she is of advanced age and has had a long and often controversial career in public service. While she may have been a trailblazer and a bellwether of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, it’s high time that her party leaders seriously consider the question of her fitness to serve in the Senate.

On the other hand, the mainstream media seems to have turned a blind eye to the cognitive abilities of certain other members of the Senate. For instance, Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, a Democrat, has also had his fair share of absences. But the media seems to be giving him a pass, despite his obvious struggles with public speaking and his apparent difficulty understanding what others are saying to him.

In conclusion, while there’s no doubt that Dianne Feinstein has been a prominent figure in American politics and a true blue Democrat for decades, there is also no doubt that her aging and questionable cognitive abilities warrant closer scrutiny. It’s high time for the Democrats to show some backbone and address the issue of her fitness to serve in the Senate.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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