Congress Launches NEW Investigation Into Hunter Biden Cover-up

The most recent report from the whistleblower, which claims that the IRS removed a whole team that was investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes at the request of the Biden Department of Justice, has caught the interest of James Comer, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee (R-KY). Comer is taking this report seriously and has urged Congress to promptly launch an investigation into this alleged act of retaliation. In a statement, he highlighted the significance of the timing regarding the alleged removal of the investigative team handling Hunter Biden’s tax filings.

The emergence of this news shortly after the Durham Report exposed the abuse of federal power in promoting the Russia collusion hoax draws attention to the possibility that the federal government might once again be misusing its authority to silence a whistleblower. This whistleblower accuses the Biden administration of obstructing justice by impeding efforts to bring federal charges against Hunter Biden for violating federal laws.

Chairman Comer emphasized the necessity for Congress to hold accountable any individuals within the Biden Administration who may be responsible for any unlawful actions committed by the President’s son, and to thoroughly examine the alleged act of retaliation. He also reiterated that the House Oversight Committee has extensively investigated the Hunter Biden case and uncovered deceptive business practices by the Biden family, enabling them to profit millions from countries such as China and Romania, while jeopardizing our national security.

Comer made a commitment that the Oversight Committee will persist in its inquiry into the Biden family’s business activities, aiming to ensure transparency and responsibility. Every American has the right to seek answers regarding potential misconduct by the President’s son and any potential efforts by the Biden Administration to conceal them. It is hoped that this investigation will uncover the truth about the Biden family and shed light on their questionable personal and business choices.

Written by Staff Reports

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