New woke bishop prioritizes ‘racial justice, slavery reparations and climate change’

The incoming bishop of the New York Diocese, Matthew Heyd, stated that he will prioritize racial justice and reparations when he takes up his position.

On May 20, Bishop Robert Heyd will start work as the new bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. He will then have a discussion with Michael Curry, the church's first black presiding bishop.

This is a surprise announcement, but it is part of the Church's shift toward left-leaning politics. The Church has already allocated over a million dollars for the reparations, and a task force was set up to figure out how the money should be used. During a special service, the Church apologized for its role in the slavery era.

In addition, he will talk about his plan to promote economic justice through a credit union that was launched in 2022. According to its website, the project aims to fight against what it calls "structural injustice," which it refers to as the mistreatment of minorities by commercial banks. Climate change and creation care are also high on Heyd's list of priorities.

It's clear that Heyd's priorities are aligned with those of progressive politics, which is a concern for the Church as it could potentially alienate its conservative members. Instead of focusing on political ideology, the church should focus on its spiritual side.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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