DeSantis SHREDS the FBI After BOMBSHELL Durham Report Findings

In a recent memoir, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis positively reflects on his relationship with former President Trump. One of the main reasons for the bond was the fact that DeSantis mounted strong arguments against the media’s “Russia-collusion” narrative, which the then-congressman believed to be baseless. While the investigations into Russia’s efforts to influence the 2016 election were essential, there was no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Kremlin to sway the election’s results. The fabrication of such allegations hung over most of Trump’s presidency, leading to constant suspicion and insinuations of illegitimacy.

DeSantis recognized this early and often spoke out against the accusations and the media’s enthusiastic complicity with them. Trump appreciated the Florida governor’s stance on the issue, leading to their political alliance. However, their relationship is now fraying due to DeSantis’s political threat to Trump’s future ambitions.

The recent report of the FBI and DOJ’s sloppy and myopic response to the investigation into the Russia-collusion allegations is a wake-up call to ‘clean house’ at these organizations. DeSantis has shown a willingness to disregard or fire bureaucrats or officials he believes to be factually wrong or in violation of their oath. It is crucial to grill the FBI’s leadership, hold them accountable for their errors, and compel them to explain why their ‘reforms’ are sufficient given the magnitude of this scandal. Many Americans demand justice and transparency, which will resonate with them more than the media’s attempts to suppress or downplay the story.

Another cause for concern is the recent actions of the IRS’s handling of Hunter Biden’s tax-related probes. A whistleblower alleged that their entire team was removed from the investigation, which could be seen as obstructing a congressional inquiry. Despite the allegations, the media and Justice Department seem uninterested in covering the story or holding the agency accountable, raising suspicions about their credibility. If the same had happened under a GOP administration, there would have been a full-blown feeding frenzy against it.

The press and Justice Department’s badly maimed credibility have led to the public losing faith in their credibility as institutions. It is high time for a thorough investigation into their actions and accountability. If such dirty tricks were used against a powerful Democrat, the media would expose the plot and flip the script. However, under Trump, the scandal was unproven, unfounded allegations. Americans demand justice and transparency, which will undoubtedly lead to a significant shakeup at these institutions.

Written by Staff Reports

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