Smoking Gun? Joe Biden Caught Red-Handed in Hunter’s Bank Transactions

In a significant revelation, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer disclosed that a business operated by Hunter Biden had been making monthly payments to President Joe Biden. Comer presented a partially redacted bank record from September 2018 as evidence, revealing a total of $1,318 flowing from Owaso PC, a company owned by Hunter Biden, to Joe Biden. Notably, the funds in the Owasco PC account were traced back to China.

The committee's release alleges that Hunter Biden is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for serious crimes, including tax evasion, linked to his use of the Owasco PC corporate account. The release further claims that Owasco PC received payments from Chinese-state-linked companies and other foreign entities, implicating Joe Biden in his son's business dealings.

This new evidence contradicts Joe Biden's past denials of any involvement in his family's influence-peddling activities. In a video posted on social media platform X, Chairman Comer accused the president of lying about the existence of an "absolute wall" between his official government duties and his family's business ventures. Comer went on to allege that Joe Biden received money from China and had discussions with his son about their "shady business dealings," claims that were previously denied by the president.

The House Oversight Committee is actively continuing its investigation into Joe Biden's alleged role in his family's domestic and international business activities. Comer emphasized the need for accountability, stating, "President Biden and his family must be held accountable for this blatant corruption." The release of an email from a bank investigator expressing concerns over Hunter Biden's financial activities adds to the growing body of evidence against the Biden family.

As the investigation unfolds, it appears that Joe Biden's proclamations of innocence are being challenged. The call for transparency and honesty from leaders gains prominence, and the American people await the revelation of the truth regarding the alleged corruption within the Biden family.

Written by Staff Reports

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