Sneak Peek: The Lucky Turkeys Dodging the Dinner Table Thanks to Biden!

The president has made his picks for this year’s Thanksgiving turkeys, and they have some interesting names. Liberty and Bell, two turkeys from Willmar, Minnesota, were chosen by President Biden himself. The names were selected from coloring sheets made by Willmar Public Schools students. According to substitute teacher Brooke Dahl, the students had a blast coming up with names for the turkeys.

Now, some of the choices were quite creative. Some kids named the turkeys after their siblings or their pets, while others decided to give a nod to the president himself. Can you imagine having a Thanksgiving turkey called Joe or Biden? It’s certainly a unique way to pay tribute to our nation’s leader.

Of course, the highlight of the turkeys’ journey will be the annual presidential pardon at the White House. It’s a tradition that takes place every year before Thanksgiving, where the president spares a couple of lucky turkeys from the dinner table. It’s a lighthearted event that brings a bit of fun to the holiday season.

In other news, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden took some time to celebrate Thanksgiving early by serving dinner to servicemen and servicewomen stationed at the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gerald R. Ford. It’s great to see our military members being appreciated and recognized for their sacrifices. They truly are the 1% who protect the rest of us.

As for the president and first lady, they’ll be enjoying their Thanksgiving on Nantucket, a beautiful island in Massachusetts. It sounds like a peaceful and relaxing way to spend the holiday.

So, while everyone else is busy preparing for their own Thanksgiving feasts, the president is already making sure these turkeys have a happy ending. Who knows, maybe Liberty and Bell will become the new stars of the holiday season.

Written by Staff Reports

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