Sneaky Gov Evers’ 400yr Education Cash Grab Exposed!

Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is up to his sneaky tricks again, folks! It seems he just couldn’t resist making a sneaky edit to the state’s biennial budget, all in the name of funding public education. But let’s call it what it really is: another liberal attempt to waste taxpayer dollars.

You see, Governor Evers used his fancy veto power to remove seven whole words and two numbers from a sentence in the budget. And what did that achieve, you may ask? Well, it gave school districts a major funding boost, but get this—it’s not just for a few years, oh no. It’s for the next 400 years! Talk about a budget that keeps on giving, whether we like it or not.

Evers, ever the champion of big government, decided to raise the amount that school districts could generate through property taxes by an additional $325 per student each year. The original budget had the increase allowed until the 2024-25 school year. But Mr. Evers, with a flick of his pen, changed those numbers to read the year 2425. Yes, you heard that right, folks. He wants to secure this never-ending gravy train for centuries to come.

Of course, this move didn’t sit well with the Republicans in the state. They’ve been working tirelessly to block Evers’s liberal tax and spending agenda, which seems to know no bounds. Republican Speaker of the State Assembly, Robin Vos, was quick to criticize the governor, stating that he has reinstated some of his taxing-heavy agenda through his powerful veto authority. It’s a sad day for the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin, folks.

Now, there is some hope for sanity to prevail. This outrageous move may be challenged in court. But of course, Governor Evers’s team is already claiming that his veto is perfectly constitutional. Well, color me skeptical. It’s hard to trust someone who thinks it’s a good idea to burden future generations with excessive public education funding for the next four centuries.

Let’s hope the courts see through this blatant power grab and put a stop to Evers’s reckless spending spree. Wisconsin deserves a governor who understands the value of fiscal responsibility, not someone who sees the state’s budget as their personal playground.

Written by Staff Reports

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