Snopes Admits Error on Trump Claim After Years, Timed Before Elections

Seven years late and a dollar short, Snopes finally caught up to reality. The leftie “fact-checker” outfit missed its golden opportunity seven years ago to set the record straight about one of the most misconstrued moments of Trump’s presidency. And now, just in time for an election cycle, they admit the truth? Convenient timing, wouldn’t you say?

Remember, President Biden built his campaign foundation on the alleged claim that Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people” after the Charlottesville incident. The same fairy tale the mainstream media and fact-checkers like Snopes gleefully spun for years. This same fabricated narrative became one of Biden’s main talking points, igniting his supposedly righteous run for the Oval Office. It only took them seven years to play catch-up.

Scott Adams, the brains behind “Dilbert” and a Trump supporter, saw this coming a mile away. He practically begged Trump to hammer Biden with this revelation during their debate. He called it the biggest story of the year. And he’s not wrong – Biden’s entire campaign platform was laid on the flimsiest fiction, and now Snopes begrudgingly puts a band-aid on it. Too little, too late. 


Let’s take a look at what Trump actually said. He clearly wanted to differentiate between those with legitimate, historical concerns about Confederate statues and the hateful ideologies of neo-Nazis. Trump stressed that there were “very fine people” on both sides of the debate over Confederate statues, not in the ranks of neo-Nazis. But the mainstream media, in all their glory, twisted his words, and Biden rode that rocket all the way into the White House.

Snopes’ late admission raises the question – why now? Trying to manufacture a weak news hook, they claim social media buzz in 2024 pushed them to revisit Trump’s comments. More likely, they’re hoping no one notices how long they’ve let this lie fester. They delay truth-telling as long as possible, then drop it subtly, pretending like it’s the scoop of the century.

Biden used the false narrative to bolster his campaign, suggesting Trump put white nationalists and anti-racists on equal moral ground. This was a lie – then and now. Snopes’ reluctant correction does nothing to mend the damage done. Biden’s presidency, a bundle of bungles from border crises to inflation, stands as testament to the house-of-cards foundation it was built on.

With the November election around the corner, voters should take note. If this issue comes up in the presidential debate, it could swing perceptions. Biden pinned his presidency on debunked rubbish – and it’s time for the truth, however tardy, to kick in. If America’s watching, Snopes’ delayed fact-check could still play a role in kicking Biden out and bringing back someone who actually gets the job done

Written by Staff Reports

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