AFL Exposes Biden Admin Group Villainizing Trump Supporters as Domestic Terrorists

America First Legal (AFL) recently emerged victorious in a legal battle against the Biden administration, revealing shocking details about the now-dissolved Homeland Intelligence Experts Group. The group, which included controversial figures like James Clapper and John Brennan, was reportedly focused on labeling supporters of former President Trump as domestic terrorists. This revelation is part of AFL’s “Deep State Diaries” series, shedding light on the group’s efforts to encourage Americans to report each other for suspicious behavior.

According to documents uncovered by AFL, the Homeland Intelligence Experts Group actively sought ways to increase surveillance and reporting on fellow citizens. The group discussed strategies to engage local communities in identifying potential threats post-January 6th, citing concerns about the effectiveness of previous campaigns like “See Something, Say Something.” Participants in the group proposed reclassifying suspicious behavior as a public health issue to make reporting more acceptable to the public.

One particularly alarming aspect of the group’s discussions involved the characterization of individuals as potential extremists based on their military service or religious beliefs. The group reportedly linked the majority of domestic terrorism threats to supporters of the former president, painting them as the primary source of attacks on the government and its institutions over the past six years.

The revelations from AFL’s investigation into the Homeland Intelligence Experts Group raise serious concerns about the government’s approach to national security and the potential targeting of political dissidents. The group’s efforts to label Trump supporters as domestic terrorists and promote a culture of citizen surveillance are chilling reminders of the dangers of unchecked government power and political bias within security agencies.

Written by Staff Reports

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