CNN Sinks Lower Promoting Stormy Daniels Salacious Claims in New Trump Smear Segment

CNN dedicated another segment to promoting salacious content aimed at smearing President Trump, this time focusing on Stormy Daniels’ latest sensational claims in her new book. Jake Tapper, no stranger to biased reporting, eagerly hyped up the explicit details Daniels supposedly revealed, claiming it to be a genuine “tell-all” unlike any other.

Sara Sidner, playing her role as a CNN correspondent, gleefully recounted Daniels’ alleged encounter with Trump, shamelessly delving into descriptions of his private anatomy. The network, seemingly gleeful about discussing such indecent matters, made sure to highlight every titillating detail for their viewers. 


It is utterly disgraceful that a once respected news outlet has sunk to such lows in their desperate attempts to discredit and defame the President. Instead of engaging in real journalism, CNN chooses to focus on promoting smut and hearsay in a pathetic bid to boost their ratings.

The ratings decline at CNN comes as no surprise, considering their persistent peddling of anti-Trump narratives and their shameless embrace of tabloid-like reporting. Viewers are tuning out in droves as the network continues to prioritize sensationalism over legitimate news coverage.

With each passing day, CNN’s credibility erodes further, as they trade in their journalistic integrity for cheap thrills and baseless attacks on the President. It’s no wonder their ratings are plummeting when they prioritize gossip over real reporting.

Written by Staff Reports

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