Socialist Takeover: ALA President Pushes Agenda on Libraries!

In a shocking revelation, the American Library Association (ALA) president, Emily Drabinski, proudly proclaimed her support for indoctrinating children with the virtues of socialism. This revelation came during a conference titled “Socialism 2023,” where Drabinski participated in discussions about promoting socialist ideas in libraries and schools.

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, a psychologist and author, uncovered Drabinski’s involvement in the conference and brought attention to the ALA’s Marxist agenda. Many state library associations severed ties with the national organization due to concerns about Drabinski’s Marxist ideology.

During the conference, Drabinski spoke about the importance of libraries being places for “socialist organizing.” She expressed her desire for libraries to align with the socialist principles being promoted in public education.

This revelation confirms what many conservatives have long suspected – that leftists are infiltrating our schools and libraries with their radical ideologies in an attempt to brainwash our children. Once spaces for intellectual freedom and thought, libraries are now being transformed into indoctrination centers.

The ALA, funded by taxpayers, is using our hard-earned money to push their agenda on our children. This deceitful tactic is an abuse of power and a betrayal of the principles of intellectual freedom.

Furthermore, this revelation sheds light on Drabinski’s censorship of conservative voices, such as actor Kirk Cameron, who was blackballed from reading about traditional values to children in libraries. This authoritarian behavior is a clear indication that those on the left do not believe in the free exchange of ideas.

As conservatives, we must question what this means for the future of intellectual freedom in education. Will our children be subjected to socialist indoctrination at every turn? It is imperative that we remain vigilant and fight against the infiltration of our schools and libraries by radical ideologies.

Written by Staff Reports

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