Spokesman Flubs, Validates CNN Anchor’s Claim on Biden’s Fake News

CNN actually held the Biden administration accountable for their handling of Hunter Biden’s troubles. During an appearance on “CNN This Morning,” Ian Sams, a special assistant to the president, was likely expecting a softball interview. However, he got anything but that.

Host Phil Mattingly began by discussing the ongoing impeachment inquiries against President Biden. Sams vehemently denied the validity of these investigations, claiming that House Republicans have been baselessly targeting the president. This claim is quite comical considering the numerous spurious charges that still loom over former President Trump, who happens to be Biden’s chief political rival.

As the conversation shifted to Hunter Biden’s legal issues, Mattingly noted the stark difference between the president’s previous statements and his son’s recent statement about financial involvement in Hunter’s business. Mattingly questioned whether this was an intentional clarification. Sams immediately disputed the premise of the question and accused Republicans of creating distractions.

Mattingly, not one to be deterred, fired back, stating that he had personally heard the White House explicitly say that the president did not discuss business dealings with his son. It’s clear that the White House’s statement has evolved over time. While Mattingly didn’t go as far as calling it an impeachable offense, he pointed out that the president’s previous statement was simply not true.

Sams weakly defended the president, claiming that he was never in business with his son, but Republicans have been trying to push false narratives. He repeated this defense several times, refusing to acknowledge the inconsistency in the president’s statements.

While Mattingly could’ve been more forceful in his questioning, his point was clear. The Biden administration continues to deflect and blame Republicans without actually addressing the concerning issues surrounding Hunter Biden. Even CNN, who is notorious for their bias, sees through this semantic game. This does not bode well for the administration’s re-election hopes.

Written by Staff Reports

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