White House Spin: Joe’s Fishy Ties to Hunter are ‘Just Semantics’

The White House is once again playing word games when it comes to Joe Biden’s involvement with his son Hunter. In a recent interview, White House Spokesman Ian Sams dismissed any claims that the President had financial involvement in Hunter’s businesses, calling it a “semantic thing.” According to Sams, “nothing has changed,” and Joe Biden was not in business with his son, period.

But let’s be real here. This is just the same old song and dance from the White House. We’ve heard it before. During the campaign and at the start of the administration, they were singing a different tune. They claimed that Joe Biden never talked about Hunter’s business and had no involvement. Now, all of a sudden, we’re supposed to believe that Hunter’s statement is the definitive truth? Give me a break.

Even co-host Phil Mattingly had to call out the White House’s changing story. He pointed out that in past White House press briefings, it was explicitly stated that the President did not talk to his son about business dealings. That’s clearly not the case, and even the White House’s statement has become more “precise” over time. It’s not an impeachable offense, but it’s still a fact that Joe Biden said something that wasn’t true.

But of course, the White House continues to deny reality. Sams disputed the claims and accused Republicans of making up lies and false allegations. It’s always the Republican’s fault, isn’t it? They just can’t accept the “actual truth” that the White House keeps pushing. Well, sorry, but the American people deserve better than a bunch of word games and empty denials. We deserve transparency and honesty from our leaders, and it’s clear that we’re not getting it from Joe Biden and his team.

Written by Staff Reports

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