Squad Shake-Up! Member Slapped with Primary Challenger, More Awaited

In the wake of Hamas’ attack on Israel, the true colors of the Squad members have been exposed. One member, Rep. Summer Lee (D-PA), is already facing a primary challenger, Councilwoman Bhavini Patel. Patel is drawing sharp contrasts on Middle East policy, criticizing Lee for her lukewarm response to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. She accused Lee of hedging against mass killings and suggested that Lee is out of touch with the historic Jewish population in Western PA.

Lee, on the other hand, defended her stance, claiming she has been working hard to assist families in Pittsburgh and has been helping with passport cases. However, it was noted that she has been absent from community gatherings and rallies organized by Jewish organizations, which did not go unnoticed or well-received by the community.

This primary challenge comes at a time when some of the most prominent members of the Squad are facing backlash for their anti-Israel activism. Lee, along with other Squad members such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), have been criticized for their statements and actions regarding Israel. Lee, for example, voted against a resolution supporting Israel and skipped Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s address to Congress.

It seems that the Squad’s alignment with Hamas and their anti-Israel stance is finally catching up to them. Primary challengers like Patel are making it clear that they will not tolerate this kind of behavior and are standing up for the historic Jewish population in their districts. It remains to be seen whether these challengers will be successful, but it’s clear that the Squad’s actions have left them vulnerable.

Written by Staff Reports

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