Abbas Snubs Biden Meet as Gaza Hospital Falls to Ruins

In a tragic turn of events, a hospital in Gaza City was destroyed during the Israel/Hamas war, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians. Both Israel and Hamas are blaming each other for the destruction, leaving the truth uncertain. The hospital was hit by a massive blast, with video footage showing fire engulfing the building and torn bodies scattered across the grounds. The devastation has raised questions about Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to skip a meeting with President Biden and other Arab leaders. Is he avoiding dialogue or more concerned about politics than stopping the violence?

Abbas’ cancellation of his participation in the meeting with President Biden could be seen as a strategic move. By refusing to engage in dialogue, he may be attempting to use the bombing as a pretext to further his political agenda. If Israel’s enemies can convince the world that they are responsible for the destruction in Gaza City, it could have significant implications. However, given the dire situation in the region, it would be expected for Abbas to seize every opportunity to engage with international powers. The violence could potentially reach the West Bank, where Abbas resides, making diplomatic discussions crucial.

It is important to note that Hamas’ claim that Israel bombed the hospital has some flaws. The reported death toll is questionable, as Hamas seemingly provided an accurate count of casualties within a very short time frame. Typically, it would take much longer to determine the number of dead in a situation like this. The rapid increase in the death toll raises suspicions about the accuracy of the claim.

Whether Abbas is using the hospital tragedy for political gain remains unclear. However, his refusal to engage in dialogue could potentially lead to more tragedies in the region. It is essential for leaders to prioritize the well-being of their people over politics, especially during times of conflict.

Written by Staff Reports

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