Alarm Bells Ring: AOC’s Dangerous and Inexcusable Outlook on Israel

In this alarming news story, the author exposes the dangerous views of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) when it comes to Israel. AOC, as the leader of the “Sour Rangers” squad of leftist sweethearts, is a volatile mix of ignorance, hypocrisy, idealism, and popularity. She has mastered the art of using these traits to benefit herself and the radical left of the Democrat Party.

During an interview on CNN, AOC spewed a series of contradictions and confused statements regarding Israel’s right to self-defense. While acknowledging their right, she then proceeds to undermine it by blathering about collective punishment and questioning Israel’s goals. It’s clear that AOC doesn’t want Israel to effectively deal with the terrorists who seek to destroy them.

AOC’s ignorance about the situation in the Middle East is evident. She seems to confuse Israel’s war against an evil entity like Hamas with America’s peacekeeping efforts in the past. She fails to grasp that Israel is engaged in a war against terrorists who are openly committed to wiping Israel off the map and killing everyone within it. AOC’s accusation of “indiscriminate attack” against Israel is ludicrous, considering the horrific acts of violence and terrorism committed by Hamas.

There are two possible interpretations of AOC’s actions: either she genuinely doesn’t understand the situation and is confusing it with America’s past actions, or she is deliberately trying to pressure Israel into backing down and benefiting Hamas. Her past statements and actions, including her support for anti-Israel resolutions and her opposition to funding the Israeli Iron Dome system, suggest a deep-rooted bias against Israel.

It’s time for voters, especially Jewish voters, to recognize that AOC represents the new Democrat Party that lacks support for Israel and harbors prejudice against the Jewish community. She and her cohorts must be held accountable for their dangerous views. Israel’s right to defend itself must be supported, and AOC’s misguided opinions should be rejected.

Written by Staff Reports

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