Sununu’s Bold Play: Beckons Dems to Boost Haley vs. Trump!

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, a staunch supporter of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in the Republican primary race, is making waves by openly encouraging Democrats to cross party lines and vote for Haley in the upcoming South Carolina primary. Sununu appeared on the Pulse of New Hampshire this week and touted South Carolina’s open primary status, emphasizing the “opportunity” for Haley to succeed in the state.

Some folks are scratching their heads at Sununu’s move, with one critic even likening Ronna McDaniel, the GOP Chairwoman, to an “idiot” for taking sides so early in the presidential race. Sununu didn’t hold back, implying that McDaniel must have been scared silly by the looming shadow of Donald Trump. Talk about getting right to the point! But hey, that’s just politics, folks.

Haley’s team seems pretty confident about this whole open primary thing too. They’re counting on non-conservative voters in open primary states to help catapult Haley to the nomination, especially on Super Tuesday. The strategy is clear as day: rely on moderates and independents, not the conservative base, to give Trump a run for his money. It’s like they’re saying, “Who needs Republicans anyway?” The memo from Haley’s team even mentioned that a whopping 70 percent of Haley’s voters in New Hampshire weren’t even registered Republicans to begin with. Now that’s what you call broadening the tent.

Sununu and Haley are stirring the pot, calling on Democrats to hop on the Haley train and help her steamroll through the primaries. They’re banking on South Carolina’s open primary and the potential support from non-conservative voters in other open primary states to give Haley a leg up in the race. It’s safe to say that the race is heating up – and it’s anyone’s game. So grab some popcorn and settle in, because it’s bound to be a wild ride!

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