Tech Crackdown: Schools Snuff Out Vaping With Hightech Gadgets

Schools across the country are not messing around when it comes to catching sneaky students who think they can get away with vaping on campus. The kiddos may think they’re being all sly with their vape pens, but the schools have a secret weapon up their sleeves – surveillance technology!

In Texas, the Tyler School District is laying down the law with a punishment of 30 days at an alternative school for any student caught vaping. But wait, there’s more! Misdemeanor citations, fines, and even felony charges could be in store for these rebellious vapers, particularly if their vape juice packs a THC punch. These consequences are no joke, folks.

So, how are they catching these mischievous vapers in the act, you ask? Well, the schools are using fancy cameras and sensors that are programmed to sniff out vape mist and THC. Some sensors are even playing double duty by keeping an ear out for bullying and – wait for it – monitoring for sounds like gunshots. Talk about a high-tech overachiever!

But fear not, camera-shy students. Some sensors, like those sold by HALO Smart Sensors, aren’t playing the spy game with cameras or audio recordings. Instead, they pick up on an increase in noise in the school bathroom and shoot a text over to the school officials. Rick Cadiz, the VP of sales and marketing for IPVideo, the company behind the HALO sensors, is all about these devices being a solid investment for the long haul. We’re talking about more bang for the school’s buck here, people!

Here’s the kicker: These surveillance shenanigans are getting funded by the big bucks from the COVID-19 pandemic and a cool $440 million from a lawsuit with Juul Labs. And get this, the HALO sensors are even helping with the indoor air quality in the schools, so they’re pulling double duty in the fight against both vaping and the pandemic. Talk about multitasking!

Now, some schools are finding that these sensors are almost too good at their jobs. In a California school district, the sensors were going off like a broken record, making it not even worth the effort to sift through surveillance videos to catch the culprits. But these resourceful students aren’t about to sit back and let the surveillance state win. Some of them are sharing tips and tricks to outsmart the sensors, like taking a stealthy puff behind their clothing to hide the telltale mist. You’ve got to give them credit for creativity!

And let’s not forget about the students who are feeling the heat of these strict consequences. Take Aaliyah Iglesias, for example, a high school graduate who got caught vaping during a debate team showdown. Her punishment was no walk in the park – she had to step down from her prestigious positions, resign from the student body presidency, and endure a 30-day stint at the alternative school. Ouch!

But hey, Iglesias still got to don her cap and gown at graduation, hit the dance floor at prom, and hang on to most of her school clubs and her college scholarship. It’s not all doom and gloom, folks. So, to all you vape rebels out there, the schools are watching, and they’re not messing around. It’s time to put those vape pens away and join the law-abiding student majority!

Written by Staff Reports

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