Supreme Court Shuts Down Biden Pal Archer’s Shady Appeal – Justice Served!

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to reject Devon Archer’s appeal is a critical blow to him and his shady business dealings with Hunter Biden. This rejection means that Archer’s conviction for fraud against the Wakpamni Lake Community Corp., a business entity connected to the Oglala Sioux Tribe, will stand. It’s about time that these individuals are held accountable for their corrupt actions.

Archer’s conviction stems from his participation in a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by the notorious businessman Jason Galanis. This scheme targeted the Wakpamni Lake Community Corp., misusing millions of dollars raised through bonds for personal gain instead of legitimate investments. They used the money for luxurious items, personal ventures, and even a fancy new residence. Talk about living the high life on the backs of hardworking Americans!

While Hunter Biden, the beloved son of our esteemed President Joe Biden, was not implicated in this fraudulent scheme, Archer and his cohorts were accused of diverting funds meant for legitimate investments. It’s clear that Archer was in cahoots with Galanis to line their own pockets while hardworking Americans suffered the consequences.

Archer has been trying to weasel his way out of this conviction, claiming innocence and arguing that the government’s case was built on circumstantial evidence. But thankfully, the trial judge saw through his lies and stood up for justice. However, federal prosecutors had to fight tooth and nail to ensure that Archer’s conviction was upheld on appeal. It’s a perfect example of the lengths liberals will go to protect their corrupt cronies.

Jason Galanis, the mastermind behind this scheme, has already pleaded guilty and received a hefty 14-year prison sentence. It’s about time these criminals face the consequences of their actions. It’s clear that Archer thought he could escape the full weight of the law by testifying before a Republican-led House committee, but his attempts to muddy the waters only further exposed his corrupt ties to the Bidens.

The Supreme Court’s decision leaves no doubt that Archer’s conviction will stick, and he will have to face the consequences of his deeds. This decision is a victory for justice and integrity. It sends a strong message that financial misconduct within tribal business entities will not be tolerated. This is a significant step in the right direction, and we must continue to root out corruption wherever it may be found. Bravo to the Supreme Court for standing up for accountability and the rule of law!

Written by Staff Reports

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