Survey Reveals Inflation and Economy Top Voter Concerns under Biden Admin

A recent survey conducted by Cygnal found that inflation and the economy are topping the list of priorities for Americans, with 27.9 percent of respondents selecting it as the top issue. This is unsurprising, with wallets feeling the pinch as prices soar under the Biden administration. Illegal immigration, a key focus during the Trump era, came in second at 19.7 percent, showing that the crisis at the border remains a concern for many voters.

Despite the left’s constant fearmongering about supposed threats to democracy, only 15.3 percent of respondents ranked it as a top priority. This goes to show that Americans are more concerned about putting food on the table than buying into the Democrats’ baseless narratives. Healthcare, national security, climate change, gun control, crime, and public safety all lagged behind in single-digit percentages, highlighting the disconnect between the left’s agenda and the priorities of everyday Americans.

One striking revelation from the survey is that even Hispanic and black respondents prioritized inflation and the economy over all other issues. This demonstrates that the failures of the Biden administration are cutting across racial lines, leaving no community untouched by the economic hardships gripping the nation. The fact that abortion ranks dead last as a priority further spells trouble for Democrats, who have long relied on divisive social issues to rally their base.

In a blow to the narrative pushed by the mainstream media, the survey also revealed that voters still view Trump’s policies favorably, with many believing his approach to governance is more beneficial than Biden’s. This sentiment is powerful among independents and Hispanics, with a majority supporting the former president’s agenda. As the 2024 election looms, it becomes increasingly clear that Americans seek leadership that puts their economic well-being first, not empty promises and virtue signaling.

Written by Staff Reports

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