Biden’s Dog Attack on Secret Service Agent Raises Cover-Up Suspicions

The incident involving Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, attacking a Secret Service agent at the White House and causing a significant injury has taken a bizarre turn. Reports indicate that the Secret Service has conveniently “destroyed” the tape capturing the violent episode. This move certainly raises eyebrows and fuels speculation about potential cover-ups.

While past presidential pets have been known for their gentle demeanor, Biden seems to have a knack for raising aggressive canines. Both Major and Commander have displayed troubling behavior, with Major already removed from the White House due to his aggression. Commander’s attack on the agent was so severe that White House tours had to be halted to clean up the blood spilled during the incident.

The deletion of the video recording of the dog’s attack raises questions about transparency and accountability within the Secret Service. The explanation provided about the tape being destroyed due to “record retention standards” seems flimsy at best. With previous instances of records being deleted immediately after attacks, it’s hard to believe this is a mere coincidence.

The timing of Commander’s relocation to live with “friends” shortly after the attack adds another layer of suspicion to the narrative. The numerous incidents involving Biden’s dogs during their time at the White House paint a concerning picture of pet management in the presidential residence. The lack of transparency in this latest development only adds to the growing skepticism surrounding the Biden administration.

In the end, the fate of the tape and the lack of clarity from the Secret Service on the matter only serve to fuel speculation and distrust. As more details emerge, it will be interesting to see if the truth behind this incident will ever come to light, or if it will remain buried under the rug of bureaucratic secrecy.

Written by Staff Reports

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