CBS News Accused of Altering Biden Video to Match White House Narrative

Welcome to the latest chapter in the never-ending saga of media gaslighting. This time, CBS News decided to play the puppet for the White House by peddling the narrative that a video of President Joe Biden wandering off during the G7 Summit was nothing more than a conservative “cheap fake.” It seems that even our eyes can’t be trusted anymore, according to the folks in the Biden administration.

The controversy started when Biden appeared lost on camera while other G7 leaders stayed put, intently watching a skydiving demonstration. Yet the White House and its media allies are spinning a different tale: Biden was merely engaging with a military member and not aimlessly wandering off. CBS News jumped into the fray, promoting an “edited” video to prove their point, but hilariously, this so-called “edited” clip looked suspiciously like the original.

Even after CBS removed their original post, they continued to push the narrative by sharing an updated version. This time, they blurred out the paratrooper and changed their language from “digitally altered” to “edited.” One has to wonder if CBS is now in the business of editing reality to fit a narrative that defies essential journalistic integrity.

The Big Three network credibility continues to plunge, especially when pundits can see unedited clips showing Biden stumbling physically and cognitively. This isn’t the first time either; recently, Biden froze onstage at a Los Angeles fundraiser, prompting former President Obama to step in and guide him offstage. Fox News’ Bret Baier pointed out the obvious: there was nothing fake about Obama needing to intervene.

Repeated incidents like these make one question the constant media spin. In the same way, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to shepherd Biden back to the group of world leaders at the G7, Americans need someone to bring our mainstream media back to reality. Biden’s cognitive lapses are more frequently displayed; no media manipulation can hide that for long.

In the end, CBS and the White House can play as many linguistic gymnastics as they want, slapping on terms like “cheap fake” and “edited clip.” Americans can see for themselves in the raw video footage—the problem is accurate, and no one’s buying this desperate sorcery attempt to conceal it.

Written by Staff Reports

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