Trump Slams Paul Ryan as Weak RINO, Urges GOP Renewal

Former President Donald Trump isn’t just a political heavyweight; he’s a master chef when it comes to serving up well-deserved takedowns of his adversaries. Case in point: his no-nonsense salvo against Paul Ryan, the man many conservatives might refer to as the Benedict Arnold of the GOP. On Truth Social, Trump didn’t mince words, calling Ryan a “weak and ineffective RINO” and a “total lightweight.” That’s Trump-speak for “get this guy out of the Republican kitchen before he spoils the broth!”

Wednesday was just another day in paradise for Trump, who decided to turn up the heat on Ryan, reminding everyone of his lackluster performance both as a vice presidential candidate and as Speaker of the House. Trump pointed out how Ryan’s tenure was so bland, it made lukewarm soup look like a spicy enchilada. According to Trump, Ryan not only failed to inspire but also managed to make an already dull Mitt Romney look even worse during their 2012 electoral defeat. It’s as if Ryan held the title of “Speaker of the House” but forgot to read the job description – next time dude, try showing up with some actual charisma.

Of course, anyone paying attention knows that Trump’s jabs don’t come out of nowhere. Ryan got on his soapbox earlier that same Wednesday, presenting himself as an “anti-establishment Republican” in what can only be described as the comedy highlight of the week. He then had the gall to criticize Trump’s brand of populism. According to Ryan, Trump’s approach lacks “any anchor to principles.” Talk about a guy who lives in a glass house throwing stones. 


Ryan’s remarks weren’t just an attack on Trump; they were a sneaky jab at the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him. In effect, Ryan was suggesting that these voters are devoid of principles and blindly following a leader. It’s ironic coming from a man who was primary architect of some of the most uninspiring Republican policies in recent history. When Ryan questions Trump voters’ principles, he is effectively holding up a mirror to his own failed attempts at leadership.

Trump’s takedown of Ryan encapsulates the broader tension between the GOP establishment and the new wave of populist conservatives. This isn’t just about one man; it’s about the future direction of the Republican Party. Trump is offering Fox News a golden opportunity: ditch the dead weight like Ryan, and embrace a renewed, robust MAGA vision. Trump made it clear: Fox can earn back the trust of conservatives, but not while Ryan is lurking around the boardroom like a stale leftover.

Will the Murdoch family heed Trump’s call and broom Ryan from the Fox empire? Given the choice between revitalizing their viewership and sticking with the old guard, Fox News has a clear path forward. After all, responding positively to Trump’s critique could be the network’s best shot at regaining its luster. The ball, as they say, is now in their court.

Written by Staff Reports

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Trump Slams Paul Ryan as Weak RINO, Urges GOP Renewal