Swift 30 Min & Planned Parenthood’s Hasty Assists in Minor’s Transition

Planned Parenthood has once again proven their lack of regard for the well-being of minors by rushing them through the transgender transition process. A recent case highlights the organization’s reckless approach to these life-altering decisions. Meet “Fred,” an 18-year-old high school student from New Jersey who has a history of developmental issues, including autism and ADHD. Despite his struggles, Planned Parenthood was more than willing to provide him with hormones to begin his transition, without any proper evaluations or safeguards in place.

Fred’s parents attempted to enroll him in a local program that specializes in dealing with autistic youth who are questioning their gender identity. However, due to his age, Fred was impatient and not willing to wait for the program’s one-year waiting list. So he turned to Planned Parenthood for quick and easy access to hormones. In a consultation lasting just 30 minutes, a nurse practitioner at the clinic prescribed Fred a powerful drug without his parents’ knowledge or consent.

As a conservative Republican, it’s deeply troubling to see Planned Parenthood prioritize their own agenda over the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals like Fred. It’s clear that they are not concerned with providing proper medical care or conducting thorough evaluations before making life-altering decisions. This case is just one of many examples of Planned Parenthood rushing minors into transgender transitions without proper consideration for the potential long-term consequences.

Planned Parenthood’s actions are not only concerning but also raise questions about their commitment to ethical medical practices. The physicians involved in this process appear to be violating the Hippocratic Oath, which stresses the importance of “First, do no harm.” Rushing young people into transgender treatments without proper evaluation and counseling undoubtedly goes against this fundamental principle.

It’s crucial that parents and policymakers remain vigilant in holding Planned Parenthood accountable for their reckless actions. This organization should not be allowed to exploit vulnerable individuals for their own political agenda. The well-being of minors must come first, and proper evaluations, diagnoses, and counseling should be mandatory before any decisions about transgender transition are made. Let’s ensure that young people like Fred are given the care and support they truly need, rather than being rushed into life-altering choices.

Written by Staff Reports

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