Target Hides LGBTQ+ Display, Christians Celebrate Win

Shocking news out of the South as Target stores bow down to the demands of the ever-powerful LGBTQ+ community and move their Pride Month displays. According to sources, the displays featured “tuck friendly” bathing suits and “gender fluid” mugs, as well as children’s books indoctrinating our youth with leftist rhetoric. It’s no wonder conservatives were outraged.

In response, Target was forced to hold an “emergency” meeting and told district senior directors and managers to move the displays to the back of the store. This move, however, was not just to appease conservative customers- there were also concerns about “team member safety.” Apparently, the Pride merchandise was generating such backlash that Target Asset Protect & Corporate Security teams were present on the call. Can you believe it?

Some of the stores affected by the move were located in rural areas of South Carolina, Arkansas, and Georgia. Thankfully, Target also removed items designed by a UK-based satanist from all stores, sending a good message to Christian customers everywhere.

While this decision is a clear win for conservatives, we must continue to voice our outrage and boycott Target until they completely remove all displays promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda. As Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire so eloquently put it, “we need to stand against this dangerous agenda and protect our families from its harmful influence.” Let us hope other major retailers follow Target’s example and put the safety and well-being of their customers first.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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