Ted Cruz Blames Biden Policy for Historic Iran Attack on Israel

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been speaking out in support of Israel and against Iran, especially after the recent attack. During “The Verdict” show, co-host Ben Ferguson noted that the attack could have been predicted as the United States had distanced itself from Israel, with the Biden administration leading the way on this. Cruz emphasized that most of the missiles were stopped by the Iron Dome, but this was still the first direct attack on Israel from Iran in history.

Cruz placed the blame on the Biden administration, stating that the attack was a result of their foreign policy of appeasement towards Iran and their backing away from supporting Israel. He expressed concern for the safety and security of Israel and the broader Middle East as a result of these actions.

Additionally, Cruz highlighted the significant amount of funds that the Biden administration has allowed Iran to access, totaling over $100 billion. This included direct funds and the refusal to enforce oil sanctions, allowing Iran’s oil exports to increase substantially.

He also emphasized that the Democrats, including President Biden, have been supporting Iran by sending billions of dollars to them, despite Iran funding attacks against the US and Israel. Cruz criticized the Democratic Party for consistently approving these funds, even after Iran’s recent attack and ongoing hostility.

Ferguson also brought up the United Nations’ demand for Israel to show restraint and the Biden administration’s lack of support for Israel’s counterattack against Iran, which Cruz and Ferguson found to be disappointing but unsurprising.

Cruz went on to highlight how Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has blocked votes on aid for Israel, despite claiming to support the country. He expressed frustration with the Democrats’ lack of action when it comes to supporting Israel and addressing the threats posed by Iran.

The senator also criticized the Biden administration’s refusal to support Israel’s right to defend itself and their insistence on a ceasefire. He noted that Israel has ignored Biden’s demands and will respond decisively against Iran.

Overall, Cruz and Ferguson expressed strong disapproval of the Biden administration’s handling of the situation, with Cruz repeatedly emphasizing the Democrats’ support for sending funds to Iran despite their actions against the US and Israel.

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