Atlantic City Mayor and Wife Charged with Child Abuse

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. and his wife La’Quetta Small were recently charged with hurting their teen daughter. The mayor, who is a member of the Democratic party, faces serious charges like putting the child in danger and making terroristic threats. His wife also faces charges of hurting their daughter multiple times.

The mayor’s lawyer mentioned that the charges don’t accuse Small of being corrupt or not doing his job well. The authorities say the abuse happened a few times between December 2023 and January. For example, in one incident, Mayor Small supposedly hit his daughter on the head with a broom until she passed out. Another time, he allegedly threatened to hurt her by throwing her down the stairs.

Similarly, La’Quetta Small supposedly hit their daughter and left visible marks. One report said she hit the teen with a belt on her shoulders. The abuse allegedly took place because the parents didn’t agree with who their daughter was dating. Despite the serious accusations, Small denied them publicly.

As a conservative, it is deeply concerning to hear about elected officials engaging in such harmful behavior, especially towards their own child. Parents should be role models for their children, not perpetrators of violence. The charges against the Smalls are serious and should be dealt with accordingly in court.

It is important for families to prioritize love, respect, and communication. Violence is never the answer, and those in positions of power should be held to a higher standard. The court system will ultimately decide the fate of the Smalls, but one thing is clear – children deserve to be protected and supported by their parents, no matter what.

Written by Staff Reports

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