The Drunken Rant That Nancy Pelosi Made About Farm Workers Sounds Racist

People in positions of authority in Washington are increasingly unable to pump their own gas, both because they are self-described elites who lack the necessary skills and because their mental state is so impaired that it wouldn't matter.

Here comes Nancy Pelosi, who has been trying her hardest over the past year to compete with Joe Biden in terms of mental incapacitation. Is she merely frequently inebriated or is she beginning to age? Who knows, but it's definitely not conducive to excellent leadership.

That brings me to Pelosi's most recent elderly outburst, in which she suggests that Florida shouldn't deport illegal immigrants to states that have sanctuary policies because they are required to "pick the crops down here."

I firmly believe that Nancy Pelosi is the person in this country who has the least empathy for the struggles of rural farmers. However, we are expected to think that she is well aware of the Florida orange farmers' labour disputes. Why do politicians act in this manner when it is so clear that they are simply making things up? Similar to how Yamiche Alcindor uses "people are saying" as a source when she tries to pass herself off as a journalist.

Do you recall the meme with the two circles that don't overlap with the words "this" and "things that happened" written on them? Pelosi can be seen in the video. She has the meme on.

Furthermore, isn't it rather racist for this wealthy, white woman who became wealthy through insider trading to view Hispanics as nothing more than cheap labour to "pick the crops"? In her commentary, she exudes a distinct post-Civil War "who's going to pick the cotton" attitude. I suppose that after over 200 years, the Democratic Party hasn't altered much.

Pelosi and the left view illegal immigrants in this way. They fail to recognise the humanity of those in the Rio Grande drowning or the innocence of those being raped by coyotes working for drug cartels. They undoubtedly don't care about people who live beneath overpasses in border communities. They just see nameless puppets to be added to the widget factory in order to maintain the elites' gravy train.

People are more valuable than the labour they can produce at a low cost. I oppose illegal immigration not because I lack compassion for those looking for a better life, but because I recognise the physical risks involved in forcing millions of people to pay drug gangs to transport them 3,000 miles. Nevertheless, Democrats don't care how illegal immigrants cross the border. They only need their lawn mowed for $30 and their house cleaned for $8 per hour. That is immoral. Given the sexist presumption being made about Hispanics in the process, it is also somewhat racist.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

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