The Liberal Bias of MSNBC is Just LAUGHABLE at this Point!

Mike Barnicle, a sensational liberal, went on a rant against Donald Trump and the end of America.

As a "respected" news organization, MSNBC thinks it is known for being fair and balanced.

In their fairy tale world, they believe their talking points are delivered from well-grounded observations. This is why they believe they never go too far off-topic.

In reality, MSNBC is a liberal media mouthpiece that does nothing except try to take down the right.

On Monday, Mike Barnicle claimed that if Donald Trump were to win the presidency in 2024, it would be the end of the United States. He said it would be impossible for people to be "moderately alarmed."

Barnicle was set up by Jonathan Lemire, who took aim at the Republicans. Despite the statements made by Governor Chris Christie, who claimed that the party did not embrace the concept of the "Big Lie," Lemire insisted that the majority of Republicans are still loyal to Trump.

From their vile attacks on the right to their lies about the left, it is clear that they have no morals.

Media outlets claim that the House Democrats have not investigated the Trump family. Host Mehdi Hassan asked him if this was true. Since Trump has not been in office for two years, and Democrats have not stopped looking into him, how can this be true?

Host Mehdi Hassan then went on to criticize the investigation of the Biden family, saying that House Democrats did not do this for the Trump family. He also took a swipe at Nancy Pelosi.

MSNBC is a collection of leftist extremists, and their journalistic integrity is rated below zero.

The core audience of this network will take anything they preach as gospel, and they will continue spreading lies and disinformation in an attempt to end the conservative movement.

This is why it is important for people to spread the word about the lies that they are putting out.

Written by Staff Reports

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