WATCH: Biden Admits He Has NO Respect For The 2nd Amendment

As reported by OANN; In response to a question about his stance on the Second Amendment, Joe Biden said he doesn't respect it. The president was asked about his plans to introduce gun control measures after he had given out pie to firefighters in Nantucket.

The president noted that the suspect in the Colorado shooting was able to evade the state's strict red flag laws, which prompted him to call for stricter measures. Biden also proposed banning all types of weapons.

During his speech, Biden called out the idea of allowing people to purchase semi-automatic weapons, which he said has no redeeming value and is just sick. Not a single reason has been presented for this, aside from the profit motive of the gun manufacturer.

Despite the president's call for stricter measures, the use of the term semi-automatic has been used by Democrats to make hunting rifles such as the AR-15 look more dangerous. In the U.S., almost all semi-automatic weapons are legal.

Written by Staff Reports

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