The Pelosi Era Is Officially Over

Nick Arama of RedState wrote earlier today that everything pointed to Nancy Pelosi making a big announcement at noon Eastern time today. People thought she would do anything from step down from her leadership role in the House to quit Congress and name her daughter Christine as her replacement.

First, the good news: Nancy Pelosi has confirmed that she will not be running for a leadership position in the next session of the House. She's through. Get out of that. Almost. The bad news is that she will still be around to help guide the new team of leaders as a "backbencher."

The very, very religious Catholic also said:

Pelosi said,“We must move boldly into the future,” “Scripture teaches us that for everything there is a season.”

Let's be honest: it's been a long time since the House of Representatives had a new season. If Democrats had kept control of the House, would Pelosi have been so brave? Possibly. But since the Republicans officially won the House, there has been a lot going on around the Dems. With the GOP ready to launch a flood of investigations into scandals involving Democrats, it's likely that Pelosi didn't have the energy to fight back. In recent years, the ultra-liberal women of "The Squad," who were on the far left, seemed to have a lot more power than she did.

Unfortunately for the country, Hakeem Jeffries, whom Pelosi chose to take over as leader of the House Democrats, looks like he will be even more radical than Pelosi. Kevin McCarthy, who is likely to be the next speaker of the House, will have a lot on his plate. He needs to get his people together before the new Congress starts.

But for now, it's time to have a party. The time of Pelosi is over!

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