The Truth Behind Why Leftists Won’t Fly the American Flag!

Here we go again. Another day, another ridiculous display of anti-American sentiment from the left. It seems that liberals will jump at any opportunity to hang up a flag—any flag—except for the one that actually represents our country.

Look around, and you’ll see flags from every corner of the world fluttering proudly in the breeze. From the rainbow pride flag to the Black Lives Matter banner, these symbols are displayed with fervor. But the good old Stars and Stripes? That’s a rare sight in many left-leaning enclaves.

Just take a look at our schools and universities. They’re supposed to be places of learning and unity, but instead, they’ve become hotbeds of divisiveness. You’re more likely to see a foreign flag or a social justice banner than the American flag. It’s almost as if patriotism has become a dirty word.

Then there are the protests. When leftists gather to protest whatever their latest grievance is, they come armed with flags representing every possible cause. But the American flag? It’s often nowhere to be seen. In fact, some protesters have gone so far as to burn it, a clear sign of their disdain for the country that affords them the freedom to protest in the first place.

And let’s not forget about government buildings in liberal cities. Some of these places are so busy being “inclusive” that they’ve forgotten the one flag that unites us all. They’ll fly flags for every possible identity group but seem to forget the one that represents the nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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