Half of Americans Want Biden Out Before 2024 Poll Shows Trump Still Strong in GOP

Surprise, surprise: A recent YouGov survey shows that nearly half of Americans are ready to send Sleepy Joe Biden packing before the 2024 election even kicks off. According to Townhall, the morning-after buzz following the presidential debate doesn’t spell good news for Biden. When asked who should carry the Democratic banner in 2024, a meager 30 percent of those polled actually stuck with Biden. Almost half, a whopping 49 percent, thought someone else might stand a better chance, and 22 percent weren’t sure what to think—though, let’s be honest, they probably just couldn’t conjure up anyone more suitable.

Switching gears to the GOP side, the results are less shocking. When posed with the question of which candidate would give Republicans the best shot at victory, 44 percent put their faith in former President Donald Trump. Apparently, the Trump train hasn’t lost any steam, and why should it? Thirty-eight percent wanted someone else, possibly still spellbound by wishful thinking, and 18 percent remained indecisive, most likely hoping for some deus ex machina candidate.

YouGov certainly kept their survey team busy, crunching the numbers from 2,648 American adults. However, the limelight didn’t stop there. A Harvard CAPS/Harris poll added more fuel to the already blazing fire. It turns out 72 percent of respondents have already made up their minds on who deserves their vote in the 2024 election. Compare that to the 69 percent in May, and it’s clear folks are locking in early. Twenty-eight percent of the fence-sitters are still mulling over their decision, probably with some extra popcorn.

Breaking it down, Biden voters are in a particularly sticky situation. About 32 percent of them still appear indecisive, in contrast to 24 percent of Trump voters who are solidifying their picks. Viewer stats from the debate were also revealing: 39 percent of Democrats and a solid 54 percent of Republicans watched the entire spectacle. In other words, more Republicans were paying attention to the facts while some Democrats were busy avoiding reality.

Post-debate, the divide becomes even clearer: 74 percent of Republicans said the debate made them more likely to vote for Trump, compared to a feeble 11 percent of Democrats thinking the same. On the flip side, almost half the Democrats, 48 percent, felt less inclined to support Trump after the debate, as opposed to a minuscule 4 percent of Republicans. When it came to being put off by Biden, 67 percent of Republicans confirmed they were more likely to look elsewhere, and 17 percent of Democrats sadly echoed the sentiment.

With the Harvard CAPS-Harris poll surveying 2,090 registered voters, it’s no wonder the Democratic Party is tiptoeing around like a cat on a hot tin roof. Rumors of nervous murmurs within the party are coming to light, with Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) stepping up the pressure on Biden to bow out gracefully. Doggett emphasized that with so much on the line, risking another Trump upset is a gamble the Democrats cannot afford. Seems like even within their own ranks, the winds of change are blowing against Biden.

So, as the countdown to 2024 ticks away, it appears the Democrats have some serious soul-searching to do, while the GOP looks all set to keep the Trump train chugging along.

Written by Staff Reports

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