Tlaib’s Twisted Vote: Hamas Horror Gets a Pass from Pro-Terror Lawmaker

In recent news, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to condemn Hamas’ use of rape and sexual violence as weapons of war following the terrorist group’s attack on Israel. However, it was not as unanimous as one might expect. Representative Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat from Detroit, chose to vote “present” during the tally, citing the resolution’s failure to acknowledge the sexual abuse of Palestinians as her reasoning.

The audacity of Tlaib’s decision is truly breathtaking, and not in a good way. She wasn’t alone in her stance. Representative Ilhan Omar, another pro-terrorist lawmaker, didn’t even bother to cast a vote. It’s no wonder why they feel emboldened to take such reprehensible positions, as their power bases in Dearborn, Michigan, and the Twin Cities shield them from facing any consequences. Tlaib has even been seen smirking when asked about beheaded Israeli babies, showing a shocking lack of humanity and compassion.

Tlaib’s track record of being one of the most pro-terrorist voices on Capitol Hill is truly disheartening. She has spread false information about Israeli actions, only to be debunked later, and has peddled anti-Israel antics that cater to the pro-Hamas crowd. Moreover, she has used dubious sources and media to provide cover for her anti-Israel agenda, ultimately tarnishing her credibility and judgment.

The coverage of the situation in Gaza further complicates the matter. It is known that Palestinians have been caught fabricating atrocities, an issue that has been amplified by anti-Israel news agencies. In the fog of war, the Palestinian side has proven to be untrustworthy time and time again. Moreover, the liberal media and the Biden administration’s response to Israel’s justified war against Hamas has been nothing short of embarrassing, with investigations and criticism flowing freely.

It’s no surprise that members of Congress like Tlaib and Omar continue to escape accountability and criticism, when their actions and ideology are left unchecked and unchallenged by the very institutions that should be holding them accountable. It’s about time the media and the government take a stand against these anti-Israel agendas and hold these representatives responsible for their deplorable actions and statements.

Written by Staff Reports

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