Top Dem Reveals Plan To Take Over The Supreme Court

In her pursuit of power and control, Democrat Congresswoman Katie Porter has come up with yet another outlandish plan to try and manipulate the conservative Supreme Court. During an interview on the talk show “The View,” Porter casually suggested that Congress should take on the task of policing the Supreme Court.

According to Porter, “Congress absolutely can and should police the Supreme Court. Residual power for our government is in Congress, not in the executive branch, not with the President, and not with the Supreme Court. And that’s because we’re the closest to the people. People elect and un-elect us every two years.”

It is quite obvious that Porter is not well-informed on the Constitution or the dynamic between the three branches of government. While it is true that members of Congress are elected every two years, the Supreme Court is purposely separated from political pressures and is meant to represent the rule of law.

In a stunning display of hypocrisy, Porter went on to suggest that Congress should pass a Judicial Code of Ethics for the Supreme Court. In reality, the Judicial Conference of the United States already established ethical guidelines that apply to all federal judges, including Supreme Court Justices. It seems as though Porter just wants to make things unnecessarily complicated and assert her control over everything.

It’s clear that Porter’s quest for power and her radical agenda is her top priority. She has no qualms about eroding the trust in government or the Supreme Court as long as it benefits her and her agenda. It is time for the American people to wake up and realize that politicians like Porter are willing to do whatever it takes to push their dangerous agenda, even if it means crossing the constitutional boundaries that have safeguarded this country for centuries.

On top of everything else, court documents regarding Porter’s own divorce have resurfaced, revealing some pretty wild allegations against her made by her ex-husband. It seems as though Porter needs to focus more on her own personal life before attempting to control the lives of millions of Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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