Top Republican Announces Run For New House Majority Leader

Steve Scalise, the House Republican minority leader, announced that he will run for the position of House Majority Leader. With the Republicans expected to take back control of the House, he said that he would seek the leadership position.

In a letter, Scalise stated that the Republican Party needed to come together to build a more inclusive America. He also said that it was important that the House pass legislation that affects everyone.

He stated that the only solution to the problems that families in the US are experiencing is through conservative ideology.

Although it is not yet clear if the Republicans will be able to take control of the House, the odds are in their favor. In key states such as California and Arizona, the races for Congress are expected to be won by the Republicans.

The Republicans need to secure a majority of the House of Representatives in order to govern effectively. However, it is not expected that they will have a huge majority.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on OAN.

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