Transgender Outrage: Senate Dress Code Slammed!

In a display of progressive activist theatrics, Daniel Schulman, the policy director for Demand Progress, has decided to question the Senate’s dress code, suggesting that it discriminates against transgender individuals. Schulman took to Twitter, where all the serious political discussions happen, to voice his objections to the dress code resolution co-authored by Sens. Manchin and Romney, which was approved this week.

Apparently, Schulman found particular offense in the phrase “that business attire be worn on the floor of the Senate, which for men shall include a coat, tie, and slacks or other long pants.” He dramatically described the resolution as a “culture war resolution,” questioning whether it requires transgender individuals to dress in a specific way and who gets to determine who qualifies as a man under the resolution. It’s a real nail-biter, isn’t it?

But wait, there’s more! Schulman also argued that the resolution would apply to individuals who want to dress in drag. Because nothing says “serious political discourse” like raising hypothetical scenarios about drag attire in the Senate. Bravo, Schulman, bravo.

Despite this progressive outrage, the Senate approved a bipartisan resolution to reinstate the dress code this week. It seems that Majority Leader Schumer’s decision to loosen the attire requirement last month was not well received, with many pointing fingers at Sen. Fetterman from Pennsylvania, who apparently thinks it’s appropriate to wear a hoodie and gym shorts to the Senate. Finally, the Senate has put its foot down and codified the previously unwritten rule that senators and staff must dress in business attire in the Senate chamber. Can you believe it took this long?

In the face of this new dress code, Sen. Fetterman, who seems to take pride in his unorthodox attire choices, took a step back and refrained from walking onto the Senate floor. Instead, he decided to vote from the doorway of the Democratic cloakroom. How considerate of him to respect the Senate’s new rules while still maintaining his unique sense of fashion.

All in all, it’s heartwarming to see the Senate taking this matter seriously and putting an end to the casual attire mayhem. Let’s hope they stay focused on the real issues that affect the American people, like dress codes and hypothetical drag outfits.

Written by Staff Reports

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